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About Project

The "Itqan" Website was developed with the latest technology by a team of developers and designers

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Website Preview

Steps of project implementation


In the first stage our design team built a blueprint to create the site in a modern and attractive and in the selection of colors has been committed to the design team colors visual identity


In the second phase of development, our developers have used the latest technologies in the development and programming of the site to give the user a high response speed and is "HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript"

Publishing and publicity

In the third stage we create the site to promote the sense of adding the site Meta Taj and all keywords to ensure the speed of its spread on the search engines and then we raise the site on hosting of the client's choice

Project details

Client: Itqan Co.

Date: 06th Septamer, 2019

Trial version: Itqan

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