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Marketing department

Marketing Department Services

Definition of marketing

These are processes related to planning and implementing producer activities

Marketing procedures

We contribute to the implementation, management and supervision of the following procedures, in whole or in part, through our team located in the main regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Eastern - Central - Western) through our offices specialized in managing and designing websites and media works who are in the Arab Republic of Egypt
Strategic actions
  • The company's budget
  • Marketing budget
  • Future expectations
  • Sales related procedures
  • Expected growth
  • Projects palette


Executive procedures
  • Free or unified contact number
  • Training
    (All departments have two or more days in the Marketing department)
  • Unify and organize the branches under one umbrella and one shape and one design.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service, divided into A, B, C, D
  • Conformity with quality and standards to international specifications (ISO)
  • Exhibitions


Sales procedures
  • Measuring the level of customer satisfaction
  • Credit facilities
  • New projects
  • Examine the competitors
  • Feasibility study
  • Study new products

Projects palette

Marketing from others

Our company represents our clients to achieve direct sales between the customer and the end consumer.
  • Bin Zomah Group for Trade, Industry and Real Estate Development
  • itqan advanced trading co. ltd
  • Bin Zomah Technologies, Audio, Video, Software and Networking
  • Saheer Aba Habeesh Engineering Consulting Office - Jordan
  • Max Media Film Production - Egypt
  • Hallis to sell all devices and devices related to restaurants
  • Viega company for heating systems and internal networks
  • Hikvision Security & Surveillance Systems
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