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We have a lot of products in most areas that we have put on the market either through exclusive agencies or by importing them from abroad and the most important of these products are “hygiene products, gas fire-fighting products, King Ko Indonesian charcoal”

Cleaning products

  • Bio-enzyme
    • D-Chemical
    • Air-purifiers

    Fire-fighting products

    The system is installed in the indoor places where the system works independently and directly in the event of receiving a fire notice through smoke and heat sensors combined, then the human and environmental friendly potassium nitrate is released that does not affect electronic devices or the expensive things in the room, knowing The device works if one of the windows is open. Also, the aerasol packages are attached to the walls or inside the borrowed ceiling. They are made of stainless steel with its holder made of the same material. It was tested by the American Guarantees Laboratories (UL) and got 13 certificates from different tests that were examined.

    King Co Coal

    It is a cubes of coal of the finest types of charcoal and its features Ignition speed is long-lasting and is environmentally friendly so it burns completely and does not leave any ash
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