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Consulting and business development

Contribute to the development of the company's departments and procedures

CRM System

Customer management has become easy! 360 ° View for Customers Get a 360 ° view of your customers and accounts - email conversations, phone history, deals, contacts with your company, scheduled tasks and appointments with them. Get in-depth sales analytics Get deep sales analytics through reports. Identify performance stars, focus opportunities, potential sales areas, discover bottlenecks, and analyze and analyze lost deals from Freshsales. Effectively follow up with your contact. Never miss important follow-up again. Schedule tasks and appointments, and get email alerts to remind you

Contribute to increasing the company's sales

In a recent study, we asked marketers from around the world to identify the technological aspects marketers need to interact with customers. By an overwhelming majority, the answer was that automated marketing increases interaction with customers. We are marketers in constant search for ways to automate, optimize and facilitate things ourselves, so we are able to run more programs, produce more content, achieve higher ROI, and the list goes on. In addition, about half of consumers say brands are more eager to interact with them. Customers now expect a more personal and interactive experience, but most marketers find it difficult to achieve. Sometimes they can't. This is because interacting with their audience requires them to have a deep understanding of the things they do and communicate with them on a personal level. In a world full of data, data collection is no longer the hard part, but it is hard to use data to create those interactive experiences

Contribute to staff training programs

Train and develop people much more valuable. The importance of investing in this area is also unanimous in the business world. If you have a company or people working with you, you should know that pursuing training helps you coordinate employees according to your business goals. This kind of empowerment ensures that everyone follows the logical path and the same line of action in the company. All this contributes to the work, because it makes everyone know exactly that the desired results arrive. For this reason, companies that do not pay attention to the training and development of employees in their strategies lose time, money and space in the market

Manage sites and applications

The company provides post-delivery services through ongoing technical support as well as web content management. The company provides site manager, developer and graphic designer. The team works to manage the content and feed the site with new materials and designs (varying from site to site) in addition to maintenance work that maintain the efficiency and continuity of the site. Site management tasks: Manage the site and update it and solve any problems that may arise. Update the site with data, news, photos of meetings and activities on an ongoing basis. Add an e-mail account on demand and help operate it and solve its problems. Provide ideas and suggestions, which helps the site to spread and develop constantly.

Ideas out of range

  • Vending machines for mobile

  • Waste recycling system

  • Telecommunication towers to solar energy systems

  • Tires recycling

  • Juice Vending Machines

  • General maintenance application for companies and ATM systems

  • Advertising screens

  • Parking systems application

  • Sterilization gates

Other services

Contribute to the marketing department

Contribute to the Department of Development and Planning

Contribute to the management of the internal audit department

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